Cleaning Headlights with Toothpaste: Why It Doesn’t Work

Are you tempted to use toothpaste to clean your foggy headlights?

Think again. While this household trick may seem convenient, it falls short when it comes to truly restoring your headlights to their former clarity. As professions in the headlight restoration game, we’ve heard it all. “Just use toothpaste” or “Just use Baking soda”. These cheap tactics only waste your precious time and resources. Here’s why using toothpaste is not the best solution for your headlights:

1. Abrasiveness: Toothpaste can be mildly abrasive, which might initially remove some surface grime. However, it lacks the strength to effectively tackle the deeper oxidation and UV damage that cause headlights to become cloudy over time. It also doesn’t remove scratches, or chips from road debris.

2. Temporary Results: Any improvement from toothpaste on headlights tends to be short-lived. Without a proper protective coating, headlights can quickly revert to their cloudy state, leaving you right back where you started.

3. No Sealant or UV Protection: Using toothpaste to clean headlights lacks essential sealant or UV protection. Without proper coating, headlights can quickly return to a cloudy state within days or weeks, undoing any temporary improvements.

4. The NextGen Difference: Instead of settling for temporary fixes, consider using a professional-grade headlight restoration kit from Our kits are designed to not only clean but also restore and protect your headlights with a durable clear coat. Here’s why our kits are superior:

  • Long-lasting Clarity: Our kits include everything you need to restore your headlights properly, ensuring long-lasting clarity and improved visibility.
  • Easy Application: With clear instructions and all necessary materials included, our kits make headlight restoration a straightforward process for anyone.
  • Enhanced Safety: Clear headlights are crucial for safe driving, especially at night or in adverse weather conditions. Did you know hazy headlights can block up to 80% of the light coming from your headlights? Our kits ensure your headlights perform their best.
  • Lifetime Warranty: No headlight restoration is permanent, and eventually you’ll need to redo them. When that time comes, send over your warranty card and well send you a new kit in no time!

Don’t settle for quick fixes that won’t last. Invest in your vehicle’s safety and appearance with NextGen Headlight Restoration Kits. Ready to see the difference? Pick up a headlight restoration kit today and increase your visibility and aesthetics of your vehicle!

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