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Headlight Clear Coat FAQ

While no restoration is permanent, that doesn’t mean the logevity of the clarity can’t be prolonged. With proper maintenace, our clear coat will last 5+ years. Should it begin to yellow up at any point, file a warranty claim and we will send out a new kit.

No. Our clear coat is specifically deisigned for headlights.

Our clear coat will be tack free in 10 minutes, and fully cured in 45 minutes in direct sunlight.

Our clear coat is packed full with filling properties allowing it to fill shallow scratches. Deeperscratchs may still be visible after application.

Great question! Our clear coat can also be cured using a UV-A System.

Fogginess after application is a result of the “Flash off” effect. This occurs when the solvents in the clear coat are beginning to evoporate. These streaks of foginess will clear up over time.

Should a drip occur, immediatly dab the drip itself very lightly with a lint free towel. Once the drip is gone, lightly reapply clear coat where you dabbed with the towel.

We offer a Lifetime Warranty for our Headlight Restoration clear coat for yellow hazing. This means we do not cover application errors such as dripping, flaking, or other worksmanship issues. Once a claim has been submitted and approved, we will send out a new kit.

Thats a great question! To maintain the clear coat clarity, simply take care of your vehicle! This means washing off bugs, road debris and other contaminants when necessary.

No. There is no need to polish or wax the headlight, even years after applying.



We do not accept returns on our clearcoat, however may accept returns for other items. Please shoot us an email prior to shipping back.

Once approved, we will send a shipping label for you to return the product.

Great question! Although our products are priced at the best possible value, we do offer sales and coupons every so often. Be sure to check back or follow us on Social Media!

We currently only operate in the USA.

Shoot us an email at help@nextgenheadlightsolutions.com

Our Restorations can only be shipped by Groud due to Hazardous Material policies, which means they can take anywhere from 3-7 Business days. All other products are shipped priority, which can take between 3-5 business days.

You will get a tracking number sent via email once your packages have shipped.

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