The Future of headlight restoration has arrived

Dull, hazy headlights not only give your vehicle an old and unappealing look, but worst of all, they are unsafe. Our Headlight Restoration kit can restore visibility while improving the overall look of your vehicle in 30 minutes or less!

The most efficient headlight restoration method on the market

Most headlight restoration kits available today are founded on short-term solutions, requiring repeated maintenance to sustain clarity. NextGen Headlight Solutions‘ clear coat revitalizes aged, hazy headlights to a like-new clarity with just one application. Our Clear coat employs the latest advancements in ultraviolet drying agents, resulting in the clearest and most durable lens coating currently available. This is precisely why NextGen Headlight Solutions confidently offers a Lifetime warranty.

The process

How it works

Our method makes headlight restoration 5x more efficient. No need for expensive power tools, excessive amounts of different sand paper, or polishing compounds.

Step 1

Wetsand Headlight

Step 2

Dry & Clean Headlight

Step 3

Apply UV Clear Coat

Why choose us?

Opting to replace your headlights for a minor cosmetic concern can be surprisingly costly. We’ve gathered feedback from our customers, and the price quotes we’ve heard vary significantly – ranging from $500 per headlight to as high as $3500 per headlight! Choosing the most cost-effective option would be to restore your headlights. However, most DIY kits available in the market provide only temporary results, often resulting in unclear headlights or requiring frequent maintenance. To eliminate these concerns, we offer a straightforward 3-step Headlight Restoration Process that guarantees long-lasting clarity. And that’s not all – our process comes with a Lifetime Warranty, ensuring your satisfaction for years to come.

Single Vehicle Headlight Restoration Kit

Restore Clarity and Safety on your vehicle with the industries most efficient headlight restoration method. Infused with the power of UV protection and filling properties, our process can be done in as little as 30 minutes or less. Lifetime Warranty included!


Nova UV s Curing System

For those in the business, A Powerful and Slim LED UV curing lamp with long operation time for fast curing.


600 grit silicon carbide sandpaper 

Highest quality sandpaper for restoring headlights.


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